How To Carry Out Damaged Data Recovery

Damaged data recovery is possible if you act quickly enough. Actually, the first step you need to take is not to act! The only way you can seriously hamper your chances of retrieving data which seems to be lost is if you put more information on the hard drive. This is because of the way the operating system references the data which is stored on each sector of a hard drive. When the Recycle Bin is emptied, or when something goes wrong with the operating system, the data itself is not deleted. The files which point to the data, and allow the operating system to reference it, are deleted.

The files can still be accessed by any program which is actively searching for them, which, of course, is exactly what a recovery utility will do. As far as the operating system is concerned, although the files are not overwritten, they are of no relevance anymore. The space which they occupy is considered to be free space cleared for any future programs or data to occupy. The old data will be overwritten and permanently lost when the new data is put on to the hard drive. It cannot be stressed enough that you should not write anything to a drive that you are trying to recover data from.

Exactly what steps you should take to try to effect your damaged data recovery depend on how the problem occurred in the first place. Did you delete a file you should have kept? Did you have a failure of the operating system which will now not recognize the file? Or is there a mechanical fault with one of your hard drives on which crucial data is kept?

Retrieving a file which was deleted by mistake is easy, unless the disk has since been written to. Just download some free recovery software to another computer, transfer the file to a flash drive, and run it from the flash drive on your main computer. This software should easily be able to find the missing files if they have not been overwritten. It could also find any files which have apparently disappeared due to a fault in the operating system.

The hardest problem to solve is one where the hardware has actually been damaged. One trick which is definitely worth trying is to freeze the drive. If it does work temporarily while it is frozen, get the data off to a flash drive as soon as you can. The drive will soon warm up, and could easily stop working again. If this crude method doesn't work, you will probably need to call in a professional, if you think the data is worth the expense. They have the hardware, the software, the tools and the experience to handle a damaged data recovery.



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